Anticipating a new member in the family? Well, if the answer is yes, then it’s time. This is the perfect answer that will help you to give your baby gift a bouquet of beautiful memory to the newborn. Photographs are one of the best ways that will help you to preserve memory in the most beautiful way. 

In this piece of Baby Journey review write-up, we bring you some of the tips that would help you to choose the right professional baby photographer so that you can easily give your child the best gift ever.

It is certainly difficult to streamline the best photographer. If you are facing the same situation, then this is the perfect place that will help you to choose the right professional photographer that will help you to get the immaculate pictures of the newborn. 


How to choose a professional baby photographer?

  • Look out over the internet; in fact, this is the best way that will help you to have the apt information about the professional baby photographer. It is indeed one of the best ways that will help you to cherry-pick the right professional photographer, just like when sourcing for the best monitor, you will also read up on baby monitor reviews first.
  • Expertise is important; therefore, it becomes important to look out for the photographer specializing in baby photography. It is advisable to go through the previous work as this will help you have an idea about the photographer who will get you flawless pictures.
  •  Budget is another important factor that one must keep in mind. It is important to have a pre-determined budget so that you drop the dough on the best that fall in your budget. 


Looking for Baby Photographers 

Finding a baby photographer is not a tough task, but getting the best one can be difficult because every photographer cannot stand as per your demand and imagination of photography. In the crowd of thousands, you have to look for one for your baby shoot. Baby photography is not an easy task as it needs a lot of patience and imagination to get the best picture clicked out of a newborn baby who doesn’t understand anything at that stage.

A photographer should be that talented to get the best out of them without disturbing them. Photographers are very good with their work, and they have years of experience in this field. To get the best photographer for your baby shoot, you need to have a look at a few of them, at least.  

Create Beautiful Memories

Baby Photographer creates beautiful memories for you and your baby; you can cherish these memories when you are old and enjoy them with your grown-up child now. Baby photography is also a special gift for your child when grown up, as they can see how beautifully they were captured inside the camera for a lifetime.  


The photographer should have proper knowledge about using the different baby props, which adds value to photography. You get a list of the number of photographers online, so look at them and select one for yourself.

In many homes today, children have become the center of the universe, where parents orbit them. When this happens and there is overprotection on the part of the parents to the children, in the long run the children become tyrants, naricists, lazy people and they think that everything has to be done for them, because they have the right to be treated as authoritarian kings.

Children with parents who are overprotective will not learn the skills necessary to develop successfully and will even think that it is not worth the effort because it is better for others to take care of their responsibilities. They do their homework with their parents, they don’t know how to do things, the ‘I don’t know’ is the first thing they say to avoid frustration in the face of any academic or daily activity, they have tantrums if their wishes are not fulfilled … They always need others to satisfy their wants and needs. But overprotective parenting has side effects.

The Side Effects Of Having Overprotective Parents

Parenting often means always finding a middle ground between a permissive or overly protective style. The possible results of strict or overprotective parenting could be negative for children, both in childhood and in adult life. A restrictive and controlling parenting style could create a negative behavioral style on the part of children.

As children grow they must progress from total dependence on parents to independence, when they begin to feel that they must create their own identity. Parents can feel excessively protective of their children and want to control all aspects of their lives just to protect them from any danger, something that will make them not have enough skills to develop in life.


A strict and overprotective parent will place high demands on children without realizing that they are creating a situation where children become overly dependent on parents. The father remains involved and committed in all the activities and decisions of the children. Children will feel that parents must make all their decisions always overriding their identity.

Self esteem issues

Overprotection does not prepare children for life. ‘Easy’ success is dangerous for children’s development. Anything good ALWAYS costs effort. It is not about forcing children to try too hard or make things too complicated, but to value the effort to get things, because life is like that. An overprotected child will be more likely to fall into depression or suffer from stress, anxiety or aggression problems. To overprotect is to unprotect and leaves the children ‘naked’ in an increasingly complicated and difficult society. The secret is finding the balance in parenting.

Teething is usually an annoying process for most children, although they do not all react in the same way. In fact, it is estimated that only a third of babies have the same symptoms. The most usual thing is that the discomfort lasts only a few days, just when the new tooth is emerging, but it can also extend for a few months, until the teething process is over .

The problem is that when the tooth starts to come out, it puts pressure on the surrounding tissue. As the tooth erupts, the surrounding gum becomes inflamed and more sensitive. As a result, the gum becomes red, swollen, and may hurt when touched.

Intense salivation and swollen gums are the two most common symptoms, but the child may also show irritability, trouble sleeping, and loss of appetite. In many cases, parents find out because the baby begins to put everything in his mouth in an attempt to alleviate the discomfort.

How To Calm Your Baby’s Discomfort When His First Teeth Come Out?

  • Apply Cold

Ice is recommended to reduce pain and inflammation, which is why it also helps relieve gum discomfort. However, you should not resort to ice, you can use a spoon previously placed in the refrigerator, and apply it on the baby’s gum. There are also teethers that contain a liquid that can be cooled and serve the same function. Another option is to give her food cold, but not frozen, such as fruit or bread. Carrots are ideal since your baby can chew on them while you hold them, so there is no risk of suffocation.

  • Massaging The Gums

When you apply light pressure to the gum, your baby’s brain is distracted from the pain. Therefore, a light massage will bring great relief. You can do it directly with your little finger or wrap it in gauze and massage gently.

  • Vanilla Extract

Our grandmothers have turned to vanilla to ease teething discomfort, and apparently they weren’t wrong. In James A. Duke’s “Handbook of Medicinal Herbs” it is stated that rubbing a few drops of vanilla on the gums can relieve pain as it has a calming effect. In addition, vanilla also helps relieve stomach upset, so if your child is salivating a lot or has gastrointestinal upset, it could be a very effective remedy. You should only rub the area where the tooth is coming out.

  • Clove Oil

Clove oil is an almost miraculous remedy to soothe the discomfort of teething. Clove oil can be found in herbal stores, you just have to mix it with a little olive oil and apply it on the child’s gum with your finger. In fact, clove oil contains a substance called eugenol that acts as a natural pain reliever and has calming properties, which is why it is also helpful in relieving toothaches. In addition, it has an anti-inflammatory effect.

  • Ginger

Did you know that ginger has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties? Therefore, it is an effective remedy to alleviate symptoms associated with teething. You will only have to peel a root and cut it into small pieces, which you must gently rub on your little one’s gum, just a couple of minutes.

  • Chamomile

Chamomile is a very useful remedy to calm irritation and, incidentally, make your baby feel calmer. In fact, remember that anxiety exacerbates the feeling of pain. You can prepare an infusion of chamomile and place it in an ice bucket. When it freezes, wrap one of the cubes in a clean cloth and let your baby suck on it.